"Don’t let your four-legged loved ones prevent you from traveling the world. Give Kristin a call! Over the years we have avoided traveling for fear of burdening our relatives and friends to look over our 2 dogs… that is until friends of ours introduced us to Kristin. Kristin stayed at our home for a week on 2 separate occasions to watch over our pups while we took advantage of traveling. Our 2 large breed dogs (German Sheppard Mix and Burmese Mountain Dog Mix) can be a handful at times but we had no doubts that Kristin was up for the challenge. Her experience working at a local reputable dog kennel which specializes in large breeds really reassured us that our dogs were going to be in excellent hands. Having our dogs remain in their home environment vs. a kennel was really important for us. As we look forward to our next vacation we already have Kristin in mind and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to get away for work or vacation. Thank you for the amazing service!"


                                                                                                                                                                                - Mike 


"Our dog’s care is very important to us.


Kristin has been our dog sitter for approximately 2 ½ years.  She has not only stayed at our house while we travel, but was hired to walk Charlie during the day.


My husband and I have found Kristin to be very reliable and always feel that Charlie is well taken care of when we return.  He seems to be in better shape due to the multiple walks he receives.


I have recommended Ms. Prieur to multiple friends of mine who have also been very pleased with her services.


Charlie is in very good hands when we are away!"


                                                                                         - Diane and Mike

"Kristin has been a lifesaver for me.  It's great to be able to schedule a dog sitting on days I have to work late or go out of town.  


So much easier than dropping my dog off at a boarding center.  My dog gets to enjoy the comfort of his own home, without all the unnecessary stress that boarding causes. 


My dog enjoys Kristin and he gets so much more love than he would get at a boarding center. 


I know Kristin treats him with as much love as possible and that is vital for me to know when I already feel so guilty for leaving him.  


Gives me great peace of mind and I would recommend her services to anyone!  She is also very affordable. " 


                                                                                                 - Jermaine

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